Free dental check-up for your pet

Plus bonus free pet toothbrush

 Your pet’s mouth has a significant impact on its overall health and happiness. Teeth and gum conditions can often go undetected until they cause major health or behaviour problems, so regular check-ups are key. To help keep your pet smiling Monty and Minx Vet offers free pet dental check-ups. 

Why your pet should have a regular dental check-up

We all know it is really really hard to have a good look inside your pet's mouth. In fact- it is impossible for us to have a look inside our own mouth, let alone our pets who shake their head and try to chew on our fingers!


Vets and nurses are trained to look in pets mouths, even in aggressive animals that may need to be muzzled, we are able to safely assess about 50% of their teeth and gums.


By coming in to see one of our experienced team members, we will be able to thoroughly examine most parts of their mouth and detect even very subtle changes to gum or tooth colour or condition that would otherwise go unnoticed.


Signs your pet could have a dental problem

There are a few clear signs that may indicate that your pet may be having some issues with their mouth, teeth or gums.

  • Bad breath

  • Yellow deposits on the teeth (tartar)

  • Pawing at the mouth

  • Change in chewing behaviour

  • Drooling

What's included in the Dental Check-Up?

The dental check-up will be performed by either a nurse or a vet at our Monty & Minx Veterinary Practice in Calamvale, and will take about 10 minutes.

  • Check medical history, and we will ask about any measures in place to keep your pet's teeth clean.

  • Palpate around the mouth feeling the lymph nodes for pain or swelling

  • Check the gums for redness, bleeding or inflammation.

  • Check the teeth for tartar or calculus

  • Check for abnormal teeth such as broken, cracked, abscessed, discoloured or tooth loss

  • Check for abnormal lumps in the mouth which may be a sign of cancer

Free Pet Toothbrush

Get your free toothbrush when you come in for your appointment

Regular tooth brushing of your pet is one of the most effective ways to reduce dental plaque and tartar build up for better oral health. This handy double ended toothbrush features a thin brush ideal for cleaning the front incisors as well as a wider brush head to help clean the rear molar teeth. The long handle makes it easier to reach the back teeth.

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